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    Raised Bill No. 6465 of the Connecticut General Assembly states that Animal Assisted Therapy "means goal-directed intervention in which animals are used as an integral part of the treatment process for individuals who have experienced mental, physical, or emotional trauma." Animal assisted therapy is receiving increased recognition as a new and exciting form of alternative medicine. It does not replace animal assisted activities(AAA), but takes the concept one step further. In AAA volunteers and their animal companions play an important role in comforting the people they work with. They also perform a useful role in promoting reading. Animal Assisted Therapy teams, however, work with medical professionals to establish goals for patients using the animal as a modality for successful treatment. Pawsitive Animal Therapy can provide animal therapy on a reliable basis using insured and certified personnel and animals.

       Dr. Andrew Weil, a world-renowned leader and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, has said that "One of the most fundamental advantages of animal assisted therapy over other therapeutic modalities is that it provides the patient a much-needed opportunity to give affection as well as receive it. It is this reciprocity-rare among medical therapies-that makes AAT a unique, and valuable route to healing."
       Just as no two people are exactly alike,  no two cases requiring animal assisted therapy are exactly alike.  Pawsitive Animal Therapy is located in Barkhamsted, Connecticut. Its staff will work directly with  health care professionals to develop an individual education/therapy plan which will best serve the needs of its clients. Enter our site to see how you can take advantage of this valuable and innovative form of therapy. 
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